Vincent Devictor

CNRS researcher

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My general topics inverstigate whether and how the structure, composition and dynamics of natural communities are affected by global changes. I mainly focus on long-term and large spatial-scale patterns and processes.

In current global changes, we should not only measure the decrease in species numbers and population sizes but also anticipate: which species (but also functions, processes and evolutionary potential) will be in trouble (or not), why, when and where?

These complex questions plead for integrative aproaches and for explicit connections between several ecological fields as well as for strong links between conservation biology and theoretical ecology.

My recent research seeks to integrate functional ecology, evolutionary ecology and biogeography to describe and explain how several facets of biodiversity (e.g., functional diversity versus phylogenetic diversity) are distributed in space and time. I use spatial analysis to shed light on the driving forces of different biodiversity facets (environmental filtering, species interactions, evolutionary history). Such integrative approach should ultimately help to reveal whether and how each facet of biodiversity can be maintained on the long run.

My research and related publications partly result from collaborative team work including: Frédéric Jiguet, Nicolas Mouquet, Romain Julliard, Wilfried Thuiller, David Mouillot, Denis Couvet, Alexandre Robert, Laurent Godet. Investigating Biogeography and large-scale conservation issues is also possible thanks to thousands of volunteers involved in citizen-science monitoring programs and people collecting and providing data.