Laura Soissons

Marie-Curie postdoc Marbec-Isem

Email:laura.soissons (at)

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My research interests are seagrass ecology and the conservation of key marine ecosystem engineers. Most of them are nowadays under serious threat, affecting their resilience, their survival and, ultimately, the ecosystem services they provide (e.g. coastal protection, carbon sequestration, biodiversity, and many more…). In order to help preserve key marine ecosystems such as seagrass meadows, my research focuses on providing a good understanding of their dynamics and resilience to human-induced threats with respect to their distribution, their seasonality, their species-specific growth strategies and ecosystem engineering capacity. Currently, I am working as a Marie-Curie fellow on a project that aims at defining innovative indicators of resilience to protect the health status of seagrass meadows, by translating theoretical ecology concepts into conservation measures. Updates and informations on this project, HEALSEA, can be found on mypersonal website.